Yoga Terms Explained: Part 1

This is a mini series I have begun, to help all those yogis out there to understand some of the Yoga terms used in classes. As a Yoga Instructor, I can appreciate how much more fulfilling class can be when you know why you are doing or saying something. So to further your yoga journey, please read on and subscribe to my mailing list in the footer!


Let’s start with the basics. At the end of each class, you will often hear a teacher say ‘Namaste’ and the class will repeat this, but do you know what you are saying? This is an ancient sanskrit word, and the meaning is very beautiful. It has many translations but they all mean the same thing: The light in me recognises the light in you. Literally it means: I bow to you.


This is often sung or sounded at the end of each class. The sound is in three parts: awe – ooo – mmm. The sound will begin with vibrations in the lower body and slowly move up to encompass the entire body. Om is the closest sound we can make to the sound of the universe. It is often nice to complete three Om’s in a round. This is where each class member takes a breath at different points, in this way, you will notice to a greater extent how Om sounds like the universe.

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Love and Light

Lauren x

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