How to let go of negative thoughts and feelings to improve your mindset and your life. Find happiness with these simple techniques

7 Ways to Let Go of Negative Thoughts

How to let go of negative thoughts and feelings to improve your mindset and your life. Find happiness with these simple techniques

7 ways to let go of Negative Thoughts

It is my favourite time of year, Autumn. It’s the time of year where the leaves are all changing from green to a beautiful array of oranges and yellows, they litter the streets and parks and make a fresh crunching sound when we walk over them. There is a crispness in the air that reminds us that Winter is not far off and there is the distinct smell of fireplaces in the evenings that make us feel cosy just with their scent. The evenings are now dark and everyone has begun to wear coats and scarves. The season has changed, so we have all changed with it.

Autumn is the time of year that reminds us that letting go of something can be beautiful and necessary, nature has a lot to teach us if only we are aware of it.

“What if leaves refused to let go of their dying leaves?… letting go lets us grow.”  -unknown

Inspired by the season, I would like to share with you some tried and tested ways that we too can let go of the parts of us that we no longer need, are causing us suffering and inhibiting our growth.

How to let go of negative thoughts and feelings to improve your mindset and your life. Find happiness with these simple techniques


I know I speak about this a lot but it really is a vital point if we want to live happier lives. Consider this, if we are having negative thoughts about a situation we are usually dwelling on what has occured or worrying about what is possibly going to happen. If we can stop our mind jumping to conclusions about what could happen, or being trapped by what has happened, we can bring it back to the here and now which is more than likely a pleasant moment. Meditation practice can help increase our awareness of when our mind is running away from us, and when this happens we are able to recognise what is happening and draw our thoughts back to the present moment.


Sometimes we snap at our friends, family or even strangers for reasons we cannot explain. We CAN explain the reason, we just have to first dig into our minds and find the root to the problem. Maybe it is something someone has said that has upset us, a possible confrontation, it could be anything. Taking some time to sort through the clutter that is our mind to find the root cause and then dealing with that situation will eliminate any manifesting bad feelings.

Has anyone ever asked you to not think about something? For example; a red pen. As much as you try, you constantly think about that red pen? Imagine your negative thoughts are like that, if we try to eliminate them, our mind latches on harder. Give your mind some freedom to think, it will help relax the grip on the thought so it is more able to dissipate.


We hold onto negative thoughts and emotions because we feel that we are supposed to, or need to. Ask yourself for a moment, “why am I holding onto these feelings/person?”, “How will my life change for the better if I let go of this?”, “What is the biggest reason I must let this go?”

By finding the answers to these questions we are motivating the mind and creating a drive to change that is fed by our emotions. Letting go of something can be time consuming and difficult, we are going to want the right motivation to spur us on.

How to let go of negative thoughts and feelings to improve your mindset and your life. Find happiness with these simple techniques

When we are consumed by negative thoughts and feelings it is difficult to bring ourselves back to the present moment, so an alternative is to change the ending of our story. If the mind has created a disastrous conclusion, we must question the truth of it, “what is the absolute worst that could happen?” Usually the worst thing that could happen is really not so bad, or is extremely unlikely. “Has that happened previously? If so, why would it occur again?” By questioning the truth of our thoughts we are able to put things into a more realistic perspective.

“Some of us think holding on makes us strong, but sometimes it is letting go.” -Hermann Hesse


Put in place right now, some emergency positive for yourself. Create a playlist that makes your heart sing, ensure there is a lighthearted book beside your bed to bring you a smile, find an uplifting podcast series that makes you feel motivated and uplifted, know which friends or family members always say the right things to ease your mind, and save their number to your favourites.

By finding what brings us joy in the day to day, we are more equipped to pull ourselves from the despair caused by negative thoughts. We have a readily available option that we know can cheer our soul. In a dark moment, decide that it is time to stop wallowing and embrace the positive. We KNOW we will feel better (even marginally) as soon as we are engaged with our postive habit.

Some may say this is temporary distraction, but this is as necessary as every other tip listed here, sometimes we cannot break the grip on a negative downward spiral, our mind is latched on and won’t let go.


Practice reflection and gratitude. Interrupt a negative thought pattern by taking a walk or watching a sunset and reflect upon the little wonders of life. Keep a daily gratitude journal, like this one, where you write three things each day you are grateful for and have it handy to look at in times where we need clarity.


This is the most important point here, the best way to keep our minds free from negatve thoughts and feelings is to practice self care. It is so important for our minds that we get plenty of sleep, 7-9 hours depending on the individual. We must feed and hydrate our bodies so that we are in optimum health physically and mentally. Excercise is so important, excercise releases endorphins which make us feel good. Avoid alcohol and drugs, alcohol is a depressant, even if you feel better in the moment, overall it will make you feel worse. Seek counsel from a professional, if you are really struggling with your thoughts and feelings then seeing a counsellor may help you talk through some of the issues and they may be able to give you further excercises and techniques to increase your resistance to negative thinking.

What are the ways you overcome negative thoughts and feelings? I would love to hear from you in the comment section below and to connect with you on my social media platforms.

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Love & Light

Lauren x

How to let go of negative thoughts and feelings to improve your mindset and your life. Find happiness with these simple techniques

How to let go of negative thoughts and feelings to improve your mindset and your life. Find happiness with these simple techniques

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53 thoughts on “7 Ways to Let Go of Negative Thoughts

  1. It’s true, isn’t it? That what we put into our minds, inevitably we get out of it. Out of that manifestation of our inner experience our world takes shape. How important it is then that we practice gratitude and care – not only for our own sake but also for those we would care about!

  2. growing up in a country being known as the land of smiles (thailand) it is wasy for me to focus on the positive side of things. i can understand that it is not easy to do that but after practice it will be a lifestyle, i see my partner’s transformation!

  3. I tend to ruminate on the negative, and let things like guilt control me. But I am now trying to get past that and do something about the negative things in my life. Thank you for the ideas.

  4. I really like this post. There are 2 parts that speak to me directly. Be Present is the first. I find myself often thinking about something a day or more ahead, when I should just enjoy the present moment. Point 4 – change the ending – is also powerful, We usually make up a worst case scenario in our mind when the majority of times the worst never actually happens. I try to ask myself “is the outcome within my control?” If yes, then do what’s necessary for a positive outcome. If no, let it go.

  5. Negative thoughts can definitely affect us all. I love your tip about focusing on the positives. There are so many if you just stop and think. I think we often don’t reflect on the positives enough.

  6. These are all really great tips, and very inspirational. I never thought of using Autumn as a metaphor to let things go such as how trees let go of their leaves. I really liked change the ending. Definitely makes you think about how much you actually control your life and what path you choose, thanks for sharing!

  7. First and foremost, I want to thank you for sharing this. It was absolutely great timing. My oldest son just came out here from Kentucky in crisis with his life and has been so negative on himself and those around him. I shared this with him and also wrote down your points so that when he goes back home, he can remember them. Your words have helped ease some of the negative thoughts…at least for a short moment…for him. You have no idea how much you impacted a life today. Thank you!

  8. I loved your post. I so needed this – I’ve been going through areally rough patch and I am surrounded by negative thoughts constantly. Thanks for sharping this, it was very helpful <3

  9. The first idea BE PRESENT seems to work for me. When I am dealing with negativity, my mind is full of WHAT IFs. So it is important to deal with the present rather than overthinking.

  10. These are all great ways to let go of negative thoughts. The core of the thought or the reason is important to find so you can really see it is not worth the energy. Negative thoughts are like poison to us all. Positive brings positive results in my opinion. Thanks for sharing the information.

  11. Sometimes it is difficult to avoid negative thoughts in mind.Doing something interesting alow me to forget such things.These are really great tips to follow in such times…

  12. I struggle with negative thoughts and have to try and snap myself out of them! I do try and be more present in the moment and take time out to do things I enjoy. Being present is a work in progress for me, as it’s so easy to look to the past or future!

  13. I think that bad memories and living in the past is so toxic- I watched my mum ruminating about the past all your life and trying to breed it into the children. It only breeds distrust and misery and, at the end of the day, you only have one life and it is your choice as to whether you live a miserable life or happy one. I have included this post on my blog http://wellnesswithoils.solutions/health-resources/ Please contact me if you want me to take it off.

  14. I love the steps, it’s not easy to let go. Im half way and I struggles especiallybwhen im not busy and i hace time to think.
    I manage my bad thinking letting the be present but trying to be the best human been on the situation
    For some reasons I can take out of my life 2 individuals that alredy prove me are not worth it
    It’s so hard not be able to put them away and have to interact with them but this is when u become the better person, when u try to let gonthe but feelings and just accept that people will not be or act as you want, that they will not live by the same values.
    U cant control them all u can control is that they will not affect u because you deserve better

    🙂 love the post thanks!
    Single happy mom

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