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Flexitarian: The Importance of having a Flexible Life

Flexitarianism and the importance of having a flexible life, one of our favorite guest posts by Joe Robinson. What it means to be a flexitarian and the benefits of this for both health and living a more adjustable and fulfilling life.

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Yoga Poses for Runners

We have all felt discomfort in the knee or hip joints after a run. Whether you run 1 mile or 20 Miles, it is equally important to stretch out your body after running. Try these yoga poses for runners.

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Life Advice to my Younger Self

Firstly, let’s not assume that I’m old and wise. Because I’m not. However, I am older and wiser than I was last week, last year and 15 years ago. Despite having no regrets in my life, there is still many things I wish I had known years sooner. Here is my life advice to my younger self.

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Stressed? How to Neutralize it

Heart pounding, sweaty palms, shortness of breath and inability to think straight? Sounds like you’re stressed. Stress has become the new normal. However it is affecting your health dramatically and I’m here to help you neutralize these feelings. To help you find a calmer and more satisfying life at home and work.

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Mind Full or Mindful?

Be mindful not to have a mind too full. Live joyfully in the present with grace and gratitude.

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Quotes to Improve your Mindset

In need of some Motivation? Check out this collection of quotes to improve your mindset to have a more incredible day and life.

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Manage Stress with Mindfulness

Stress is something everyone can relate to. Whether it is in our work or personal life, we have all experienced the mental and physical symptoms at some point. Frequent stress can lead to illness, unhealthy addiction, insomnia and even depression.

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What to Eat to Stay Youthful and Energetic

We all want to feel more youthful and energetic. You may be aware that scientists have found a direct correlation between what we eat, and our health and genes.

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How to Embrace Failure

Failure is a learned behaviour. If we are told over and over we cannot do something, that we are incapable, then we begin to believe it. Even if we were once very capable and successful at something. Society and our mind can beat us down and we can lose hope, so we give up.

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Motivational Quotes

Feeling a lack of Inspiration and need a great motivational quote? Check out these brilliant motivational quotes to inspire you to live a better life.

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