10 Easy Ways to Drink More Water Everyday

10 easy ways to help you drink more water to improve overall health, digestion and allow you to feel more refreshed and energisedEasy Ways to Drink More Water

We all know that drinking water is essential to our well-being, health and our very survival. Yet we are so busy with life. We spend most of our day in an office, or commuting, maybe we go to the gym and finally home to family, cleaning, cooking, and an endless list of obligations. It’s no wonder that water consumption can become second place in our life.

The Importance of Water

Water is required to cushion and lubricate joints, protect your brain and other internal tissues, regulate your body temperature, and remove waste from your body through urination, bowel movements, and perspiration.

When you don’t have enough water, you will feel dehydrated. When you’re dehydrated you may experience dry mouth, low blood pressure, headaches, dizziness, dry skin, and fatigue. An easy way to tell if you are dehydrated is by checking the colour of your urine. Clear to medium yellow is ideal, if your urine is more amber than these tips are for you!

Try these 10 easy ways to add more water to your day to improve the health of your body and mind:

1. Begin As You Mean To Go On

The best way to add water to your day is to make it a habit. Begin each day with a glass of water and you already have a good start on the day. Keep a glass on your nightstand or by your coffee pot to remind you to drink water.

2. Get a Bottle with Time Goals

We’ve all seen them, the bottles with times of the day written down the side. These are excellent to keep you on track throughout each day and are easy to keep with you at all times. Not to mention great for the environment. Using a reusable bottle like this one, is significantly better than continuing to buy plastic bottles of water. Improve your own well-being as well as Mother Natures!

3. Set Reminders

Almost everyone has a smart phone these days. Simply add alarms, reminders, or calendar notifications (whichever your preference) into your phone that will remind you to drink water. There are also many apps that make this simple. Piiingggg! It’s time to have another glass of water.

4. One to One Rule

If work or other social occasions requires you to be out in a drinking environment, be sure to enjoy your evening. However, you can easily combat dehydration (and tomorrows hangover), by adding a small glass of water between each alcoholic beverage. Your body will thank you in the morning.

5. Fill it Up

You know those chocolates in your bottom drawer? You keep eating them because they are there right? Well let’s use the same idea but for water. Ensure once you finish your bottle or glass of water that you fill it back up! You are much more likely to keep sipping water throughout your day if it is readily available.

6. Ice Ice Baby

Try freezing fruit into ice cubes to add a bit of flavour and interest to your water consumption. This is a nice way to increase your fruit intake too!

7. Transition Technique

To help create the habit of drinking more water, try having a glass of water at all the transitions throughout your day. For example, when you first awake, just before you leave the house, as you arrive at work, right before you head off to lunch. You get the idea.

8. Mix It Up

Getting your water intake doesn’t mean you just have to drink plain water. Why not have a cup of tea. Fruit teas and especially green tea have excellent antioxidant properties. Possibly introduce sparkling water or mix your favourite juice with sparkling water to create a bubbly taste sensation

9. Jazz up Your Water

Have you ever been to a spa or gym where they have that refreshing water cooler with bits of cucumber or orange in it? Why not try this at home! It’s a great way to reduce the boredom of plain water and can be extra refreshing, particularly in warmer months. Try this the next time you have friends over as an easy treat for your guests.

10. Eat Your Water

Last but not least, most fruits and vegetables are very high in water content. If you really struggle to get enough water in your day, then ensure your diet is high in both fruit and vegetables. Cucumbers, watermelon, pineapple and oranges are all extremely high in water content. Add these foods to your meals to improve your body’s hydration.

I hope that these tips can help you up your water intake, leaving you feeling refreshed and energised. If you loved this article, be sure to subscribe to our free newsletter that is always bursting with motivational content, nutrition advice and yoga tips!

Whats your favourite technique to increase your water intake? Be sure to comment below!

Love and Light


10 easy ways to help you drink more water to improve overall health, digestion and allow you to feel more refreshed and energised

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