Stressed? How to Neutralize it

How to neutralize stress

Heart pounding, sweaty palms, shortness of breath and inability to think straight? Sounds like you’re stressed. Stress has become the new normal. However, it is affecting your health dramatically and I’m here to help you neutralize these feelings. To help you find a calmer and more healthy way of life at home and work.

We Attract What We Are

We have all heard of the law of attraction. This law is associated with creating positive thoughts and manifesting success in life.

This has the opposite affect when associated with negative and stressful thoughts. If you are feeling stressed, you attract stress. We have all had those days where one thing after the other occurs to create a stressful day.

Keep this in mind next time you are feeling overwhelmed with stress, and the negativity keeps flowing at you throughout the day.

Be at Peace

To combat these negative thoughts, we need to cultivate peace. We can do this through mindfully choosing our thoughts. By talking to ourselves as if we were consoling a friend.

It often is beneficial to have a few positive affirmations on hand to calm a stressed mind. For example, “I am a patient and loving woman,” Or “I am the king of neutral.”

Clarify what Environment you Want

When stressed, we feel out of control of our environment. This is actually the basis of most stress. To ease this, we need to clearly clarify and decide the environment we want to live in. Each morning, decide that you will choose calm and patience.

Inevitably stressful situations will arise. However, if we pause, take a deep breath and choose our reactions with care, then we are more capable of creating and maintaining a calm and patient environment.

“Happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy. There’s going to be stress in life, but it’s your choice whether you let it affect you or not.” – Valerie Bertinelli

Reacting to an Unmet Expectation

Stress is often caused when someone or something has let us down. Our expectations were not met.

It is important to realize that unless you have clearly stated your expectations to another person, an employee or family member, then it is likely they will let you down. They don’t know our every thought. This is can be swiftly avoided by clearly communicating your needs before the event occurs. If we are let down, this could be out of our control. Pause and question whether your expectations were unrealistic.

In any given situation, our expectations are frequently not met. The train is late, the traffic is heavy. Our perfect summer holiday is spoiled by poor weather. These things are not within our control. What’s the point of stressing over something we cannot change? Remember to breath deeply, think clearly and stop negative thinking. Clarify the environment you want and continue with your day.

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It is natural to feel overwhelmed with so much stress and negativity that it feels impossible to stop the landslide. Write down these bad feelings in a journal. Look through the feelings, and note next to each one, how you wish you had felt or dealt with a situation. Choose what you want to feel. This way, the next time that stressful situation arises, you can remember how you want to feel and choose that instead.

Be Patient

Neutrality takes practice. Choosing how we feel and the environment we are trying to cultivate takes time. It is unrealistic to expect an overnight change. Be patient with yourself and practice self compassion if you slip up. You will get there in time.

By mindfully clarifying the environment we want to be in each day and actively choosing our response when stressed, we are creating excellent habits that will strengthen with use.

“My key to dealing with stress is simple: just stay cool and stay focused.” -Ashton Eaton

Dis – ease

When we are stressed we are not at ease, we have dis-ease. Stress is linked to many health problems. Managing stress is essential for our modern day longevity and wellness. To stay on track with managing your stress, have someone keep you accountable. If we feel responsible to someone, we are less likely to stray from our goals.

I hope that this article has enlightened you to ways to manage your stress and find a calmer and more peaceful life for the benefit of your health. I would love to hear from you in the comments below with ways you manage stress. Be sure to subscribe so our next Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Life article is delivered direct to your inbox.

Love and Light


How to neutralize stress

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