Yoga Terms Explained: Part 3

Welcome back to my miniseries where I am explaining some of the commonly used yoga terms in classes. As a yoga instructor, I can appreciate how understanding why you are doing or saying something in class, can benefit your entire experience of Yoga. So to enhance your yoga journey. Read on:


An Asana is a posture or pose in yoga. In yoga, we are often placed in an Asana (pose) that causes us to concentrate and become more aware of our body and this concentration can cause the mind to relax. The Asanas found in yoga are usually positions most people wouldn’t find themselves in on a daily basis and hence promote a longstanding range of motion for the body.

Traditionally, in the yoga sutras, Asana simply means to sit in a position that is firm and relaxed.


Tadasana refers to a specific pose in yoga, this word translates to Mountain Pose in English. Mountain Pose forms the basis for all the standing poses in Yoga and is a simple balancing pose. To challenge yourself, stand in Tadasana and close the eyes.

Tadasana is returned to in a class to ground the body and mind, almost like a reset button. Think of this next time you return to Mountain Pose mid flow.

In Bikram Yoga, Tadasana may actually be called Tree Pose. It may be nice to imagine the feet grounding down into the Earth and rooting you to the Earth to further benefit from this pose.

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