Yoga Terms Explained: Part 2

Welcome back to my miniseries where I am explaining some of the commonly used yoga terms in classes. As a yoga instructor, I can appreciate how understanding why you are doing or saying something in class, can benefit your entire experience of Yoga. So to enhance your yoga journey. Read on:


I teach vinyasa flow yoga, but what does the vinyasa part mean? Vinyasa translated means to place in a certain way. In terms of yoga, it is the linking between breath and movement. Where the movement changes with each breath. The word Vinyasa is often used in a flow class as shorthand to describe a sun salutation sequence between another sequence of poses, either standing or seated. To ‘take a vinyasa’ means to move from plank pose, through chaturanga dandasana, upward dog then downward facing dog.


Savasana is the final pose in any yoga class, translated it means Corpse Pose. This restorative pose is arguably the most important pose in any yoga class. This is not a time to fall asleep, but rather to remain aware and to declutter the mind. This leaves us feeling rejuvenated. This meditative state allows the parasympathetic nervous system to activate and reduce stress in the body, often the body begins to feel colder because of this, and it is nice to have a jumper or blanket to cover yourself at the beginning of this pose in preparation for the body cooling down.

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Love and Light

Lauren x

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