Day 5: Be Yourself 

Welcome back to Day 5 of Healthy Mind Power Week, 7 days of short inspirational reads to get your day (and month) off to a great start! Today, let’s talk about why it is important to be yourself.

“The most common form of despair is not being who you are.” – Soren Kierkegarrd

We sometimes don’t say or do certain things because we are worried about how we will be perceived. We want ourselves and the people around us to be honest and credible but it’s not that simple. It is ingrained in us through our upbringing and social expectactions that it is important to fit in with society and be liked. We are constantly trying to better ourselves so we are more likeable.

However, we are all unique, and by having an open mind about others and their individuality maybe we can strive to be a little more true to ourselves also. It is not easy to be authentic but with a little self searching to get to know your true self, with courage and boldness we can contribute so much more to this world by stepping outside the box and being a little different.

The Challenge

Today I challenge you to be brave and maintain your integrity. To be vulnerable about your feelings, to admit when you are wrong or if you don’t know something. I invite you to honor who you really are, not with arrogance, but with self confidence and authenticity. Be brave, be honest, be yourself. There is only one YOU. It will be difficult at first but by being more open with your thoughts and feelings you will feel happier and learn so much more about yourself and others.

Have a fantastic 5th day of the month and I’ll see you back here tomorrow for Day 6 of Healthy Mind Power Week! Don’t forget to subscribe and I would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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Love & Light

Lauren x



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8 thoughts on “Day 5: Be Yourself 

  1. Being in myself was never a problem for me with 98% of the people in my life, but it was that other 2%, my parents, that posed the biggest challenge. But the freedom I experienced when I finally was able to let go of my fear of disappointing them was worth all of the difficulty.

  2. I absolutely agree with you. If we are something we are not just to be liked or to fit in with the norm we will never find true happiness. We will never be able to reach our full potential. Yes, it is scary to be your true self but I think the benefits of it far outweigh the possible criticism of some people

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