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There seems to be one certainty in life, and that is that everything changes. Nothing will ever remain the same, except this concept. Impermanence, the fact that nothing is permanent is such a natural state, yet we as humans fight this fact every day.

We try to hold onto things, we attach ourselves to people, places, things and emotions, and by doing this we cause ourselves pain and suffering. We cling so hard to a job, with fear of losing it. We attach ourselves to lovers with the fear that they will leave us. We put wrinkle reducing moisturisers on our faces hoping not to age. We dislike moving house as we have created memories there. We suffer deeply at the loss of another human being or pet, yet death is the harshest truth in life that none of us can run from. We fail to recognise that all these people, places, ideas and emotions are all on a journey, a process of changing just like we as individuals are.

We get so shocked when things change, but look at nature: flowers wilt, seasons change, each and every day begins and ends. This moment right now is not permanent, it’s already passed and we cannot hold onto any of it.

For many, the idea of Impermanence can be quite depressing, it is not. It is only a truth that we do not want to admit. Impermanence is a wonderful thing; Think of moments in life that you have experienced pain and suffering due to a difficult event in life, and I bet that you could not wait for that feeling to pass. To feel joy, happiness and contentment again. It is Impermanence that allows for that change.

In acknowledging this truth, we are given a gift of realisation. Realisation that if nothing lasts, we should hold our loved ones a little tighter, never missing an opportunity to tell them we love them. We should embrace each day as we will never get this one again. We should be grateful for our capable bodies as they will wither with age so use it and look after it well. We should savour every moment that is special to us, we should put away our phones and distractions and be fully present and appreciative of everything that brings us joy.

Embrace this concept, isn’t it wonderful that everything is always changing which means the next moment could hold any opportunity? Absolutely anything could happen!

The next time life is challenging you, or you are feeling down, realise that this is a temporary moment, that it will change, better days are on their way. The next time you are feeling completely at peace, embrace it fully, be grateful for that moment and feeling. Thanks to Impermanence, everything is possible.

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Love & Light
Lauren x



  1. “Realisation that if nothing lasts, we should hold our loved ones a little tighter, never missing an opportunity to tell them we love them”

    I’ve really loved, appreciated and I am grateful for the impermanence of being able to visit you in Dublin and just be with you.


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